Rev. Shirley Van Damme, M.P.S.

shirley-van-dammeSpiritual Coaching provides the support and teaching needed to explore one’s life through a spiritual lens.

Reverend Shirley VanDamme creates a safe space to explore one’s belief system and one’s relationship to the Divine. Sometimes religious beliefs no longer seem to be fulfilling. Searching may come at a time of transition or a time of questioning. Reverend Shirley offers both Spiritual Coaching and Pastoral Counseling.



Pastoral Counselor

Pastoral Counseling offers support and guidance during a spiritual crisis. This could be during a divorce, following a loss or during major life changes. People within the LGBTQI community may feel alienated from the church community or from God. Pastoral counseling can provide a unique connection in which to address these challenges.


Spiritual Coach

Spiritual Coaching/Direction offers an opportunity to explore one’s image of and relationship with the Divine. Reverend Shirley listens to life experiences and how the Holy One speaks to each person. Spiritual direction is intended to deepen one’s faith experience and clarify one’s purpose in life. Often people report a greater sense of peace and happiness during this process.



Sessions available via telephone, video conferencing and in person.

Reverend Shirley VanDamme, M.P.S.
Sparks, Nevada

(sliding scale fee available upon request)

She is a great listener, is deeply compassionate and open to new ideas. I would not have gotten through the death of my mother without her.

Shirley is very spiritual and practical. I don’t know how she can be both, but she does!